Video Examples

Creating a successful video takes time and effort, and these examples contain the best of the best! We handpicked the entries below from past Academy contests because they met our criteria of being entertaining, clear & informative and captured the stories and experiences of individual day school communities. 

The Weber School - Spirit Within

The Weber School in Atlanta, Georgia created this video as part of their admissions strategy.


MJDS 2012

Milwaukee Jewish Day School made this fun "trailer" to describe what they're all about.


MJGDS 50th Anniversary Video Invite

The Martin J. Gottlieb Day School in Florida had a blast with their creative video invitation for the school's 50th anniversary.


Learning for Life

Columbus Torah Academy in Ohio filmed this awesome piece to show how their students learn for life.


Creative Communicators Are Always Learning

The Epstein School of Atlanta showcases the creatvity that pushes their students toward lifelong learning.


Stuff TDS Kids Say - "I've Been Learning Ever Since"

Torah Day School of Houston harnessed the power of viral video trends with their kid-focused video on creating a school culture based on a love of learning.


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