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Provides a fun quick online crash course and forum to video making for beginners to advance film nerds. It also includes free tutorials for iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.
These helpful video tutorials make uploading and syndicating videos through OneLoad a breeze. These quick videos also demonstrate how to track and optimize your content as well as use TubeMogul’s advanced management and analytics dashboard to monitor your video performance and report on success.
This quick and helpful tipsheet shares the tips and tricks everyone should consider before launching a video campaign on YouTube.
Includes a series of training guides about introductory editing methods.
A support community for digital video, video editing, and media production professionals in broadcasting, motion graphics, special FX and film.
This document provides a detailed tool to help all non-profits make strategic communications choices.
This webinar covers the basics of a good production, including capturing good sound, camera composition, basic interviewing techniques and how to use B-roll.
This webinar provides an overview of impactful storytelling techniques. Topics include how to choose a story, develop a shot list and interview questions, and planning for successful production.
This webinar will provide schools with recommended tactics and tools to successfully engage alumni. Tools and methods for building and connecting with alumni networks will be introduced. Best practices in email and social media outreach will also be recommended.
This webinar will encourage participants to think about strategies for alumni outreach that are scalable and appropriate within the context of each school’s budget and capacity. The webinar will provide an overview of various online and in-person approaches for enhancing alumni relationships with your school.
What's the latest new widget or gadget? Should you spend time learning it? When should you adopt it for your school? Was Google Plus a flash in the pan? Does Pinterest have value and staying power? Join us to learn how to evaluate new shiny objects, where it's worth playing, and how to become an expert in all the right things at the right time.
Now that you're expanding your communications toolkit, how do you coordinate all your channels? Learn why you shouldn't be posting the same content on Facebook and Twitter, and how to use email to boost your social media efforts and vice versa. You wouldn't use a hammer to fix a flat tire, but you might use a saw and drill to build a sukkah. Come get coordinated with us.
As you expand the tools you use to communicate online and off, and staff's roles change, how do you ensure you're all speaking with one voice? Based on Sarah Durham's book, Brandraising: How Nonprofits Raise Visibility and Money Through Smart Communications, (Jossey-Bass, 2010) this workshop will help you apply Brandraising concepts to improve your program's communications, and make sure they make sense with other aspects of your organization's communications, too.
Social media goes far beyond 140 text-based characters. Research shows that good use of photo and video grabs the attention of your users, conveys more information, and is more effective at leading them to action. Learn from See3 Communications experts how, where and why increase use of photos and videos across all of your social media channels.
How and why is the rise of social media affecting philanthropic giving? While the fundamentals of development haven’t changed significantly, the ways you go about storytelling, generating enthusiasm and motivating donors has been turned upside down in the last few years. Accordingly, your approach to marketing a fundraising campaign needs to evolve as well. Join us to learn about the tools, strategies, and opportunities of social media based fundraising, and learn from interesting case studies in the field.
Families and alumni want to know more than "the third grade is learning multiplication" and "the seventh grade studied parashat hashavua today." Content is everything in social media, and you need to have a strategy and a plan for creating, curating and stewarding your content. Join us to learn various approaches and find the mix that's right for you.
Measuring your work and connecting it to your mission and goals is critical for efficient use of your time and best use of your available tools. Learn what to measure (hint: it's not how many people have liked your Facebook page), how to measure it, and what to do with the data you collect to be more effective.
Who updates your Facebook Page? Can staff be friends with members or donors on Facebook? What voice on Twitter is too casual? Learn how to develop your organization's social media culture and guidelines to increase efficacy, reduce anxiety, and avoid conflict. We will also explore case studies from small nonprofits and large corporations to inform your work.
Now that Facebook is really hitting its stride, are you? As other organizations crank up their Facebook presence, it’s increasingly critical to stand out. Join us to learn what Facebook is good for, and how to make the most of it.