About the Academy

The Jewish Day School Social Media & Video Academy is an intensive program designed to help Jewish day schools advance their strategic use of social media and video in areas such as communication, marketing, community building, alumni relations and development. Schools that are accepted into the Academy participate in an intensive year of training, coaching and project-based learning, and are encouraged to share their learning and accomplishments with the field.

Components of the Academy include:

  • Webinar series to build skills and explore social media and network strategies;
  • Three “action oriented” projects: Social media experiment, social fundraising experiment, and developing (or updating) a social media policy;
  • One-on-one coaching and consulting to support each school team in its project work and organizational progress in this area;
  • Knowledge sharing and peer support through “Sharefest” webinars, blog posts, and a facilitated Facebook Group;
  • Up to $10,000 matching funds for the social fundraising experiment. These funds are distributed at the end of the Academy for schools that complete all Academy requirements.

Academy participants have launched new channels (e.g. starting to tweet, using Instagram in the classrooms, or exploring Pinterest), and/or have increased focus on their existing channels (e.g. finding and engaging with alumni on Facebook).  Through the social fundraising project, schools have expanded beyond their usual donors, re-engaged young alumni, and have raised significant funds for specific cost centers such as scholarships, repairs to their facility after Hurricane Sandy, or the purchase of iPads for their school.  The development of a social media policy has clarified their values and online brand, as well as mitigated fear or anxiety among leadership who might have been nervous about opening up the school online.

We're thrilled to be starting our next Academy for the 2013-2014 school year this fall! Make sure to check back throughout for new webinars and additional resources to use with your school.

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Participant Feedback

Check out what some of our past schools have to say:

“We have changed so significantly how we do everything. We communicate so much more effectively. For us it’s been an incredibly dramatic improvement.  I would do this Academy again in a heartbeat.” –- Denver Academy of Torah, 2012-13 cohort

“Being a small school with limited reach, it’s been fascinating to see how much our strategic use of social media has expanded our reach and actually increased our enrollment this year.” –- Knoxville Jewish Day School, 2012-13 cohort

“Our coach acted as mentor, cheerleader, consultant, expert and supporter.  It was invaluable.  It made all the difference.”   -- San Diego Jewish Academy, 2012-13 cohort

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